Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco is CEO of The Knife Media, a digital platform that offers news without spin and aims to strengthen critical thinking and ethics in the media industry. She runs all divisions of the company, including editorial, technology and marketing.

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Rosa Laura was fortunate to grow up in an intellectually stimulating and socially conscious environment. She witnessed firsthand her father's efforts to promote important key causes in her country: freedom of speech, democratic elections, and access to public information, among others. She experienced the family-owned newspapers of Grupo Reforma (currently the largest print media company in Latin America) becoming key players in this movement. By serving on the community editorial boards of the company and in other positions, Rosa Laura developed a deep understanding of how the media can affect the communities it serves.

In 2008, with violence escalating in Mexico, Rosa Laura Junco relocated with her family to the U.S. There, she gained an even broader perspective on how media could inspire, or dissuade, progress in any society. She deepened her understanding of how the quality of people's information played a key role in their decision-making process and affected the trajectory of everything from the well-being of local communities to the growth of the global economy.

Today, Rosa Laura is based in upstate New York with her five children. She still maintains deep personal and professional ties to Mexico, where she continues to work for justice and change. She believes that people can rise to their potential by striving for excellence, and that the world can solve its greatest problems through critical thought, civil discourse and compassion.

Rosa Laura was co-developer of The Knife Media's proprietary method that offers the most important world and U.S. news stories stripped of the sensationalism, emotionality and bias so often found in today's news. She also spearheaded the development of The Knife's rating system, which quantifies the amount of objectivity and bias in any news report. These ratings help people have greater choice in the quality of information they wish to consume.

Rosa Laura Junco leads the company's efforts to accurately and objectively preserve history and raise the level of civil discourse and critical thinking and in our world. She firmly believes that in today's society, it's crucial to have rigorous standards for journalism and mass communication. Through a commitment to truth, she is leading The Knife's endeavor to bring more responsibility to the way the world communicates.